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Protective workwear not only needs to be effective and efficient but now also needs to be fashionable. What was once viewed as a cost burden is now seen as a worthwhile investment in employee safety, staff morale, and a reduction in corporate health insurance premium.

Workcraft is an Australian brand and is well known for its fit-for-purpose, quality, comfort, performance, functionality and durability in many different industries. Your workwear signals a wide range of values and preference. It is therefore an important part of your company’s profile and identity. A clear and consistent theme can create positive synergies when uniform, company vehicles, advertising and other marketing materials clearly indicate the company’s profile.

Our objective is to help make the performance of hard-working professionals safer and more practical.

Our garments meet and exceed all required standards and we are constantly testing and looking for innovative ways to grow our range across all industries :Food industry, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Construction, Oil Gas & Mining industry, Medical and Hospitality.

The key to our success has been our unrelenting commitment to manufacturing fit-for-purpose workwear by partnering with only the best manufacturers to deliver the best quality products, ensuring highest levels of quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

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