Tick Tox Freeze Spray - 35ml

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Safe for You and Your Pets!

Tick Tox is a new product that is specifically designed to freeze the tick and kill it instantly, with no disturbance to the pest. The small aerosol can is designed to go with you into the bush, garden or park and works on ticks feeding on people or animals.

And it kills leeches too!


Why Ticks Are Bad:

Ticks are not only unpleasant. A tick bite can create serious health risks, including:

  • Life threatening allergic reactions to the tick's toxins exuded while it feeds
  • Infection with parasites or debilitating microbial diseases
  • Allergic responses to consumption of foods sourced from mammals (e.g. meat and cheese)
  • Paralysis and death - especially in animals


If you get a tick bite DON'T:

  • Scratch the tick out
  • Pull it out with blunt tweezers
  • Dab it with chemicals (insecticides or petrol or tea tree oil, for example)
  • Smother it with Vaseline or something oily

Every one of these methods will disturb the tick and encourage it to inject more saliva, along with toxins and pathogens!