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Survivair Respirator Kits

Image of Survivair Respirator Kits.

  • New in Respiratory protection are the handy Survivair half face respirator kits
  • The Survivair kits take the guesswork out of selecting the correct respirator for welding and spray painting applications, as the masks are pre packaged with filters in a resealable bag allowing you to simply grab a bag and go
  • The Welders kit features a half face respirator with P2 filters for protection against dust mist and fume and the mask fits easily under many welding helmets
  • The Spray Painters kit features a half face respirator with organic vapour filters, P2 pre filters and retainers, for protection against vapours, dusts, mists and fumes associated with spray painting
  • The Spray painters kit is not suitable for use in 2-pac paint applications, however it can be used in other applications such as spraying of pesticides

Code: U351036

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Image of Survivair Respirator Kits.
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