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Buckaroo Shoulder Braces

Image of Buckaroo Shoulder Braces.

Shoulder Braces designed to fit the Buckaroo range of belts that allows for better distribution of weight and relieves some of the strain that can affect the lower lumbar. This is achieved through the weight being transferred to the wearers shoulders as opposed to the back allowing for even greater support over extended periods. 

Made from premium Australian Made woven webbing and featuring reflective tape, Buckaroo shoulder braces are fully adjustable and feature 3 tri slides for easy positioning. Each strap affixes to each of the 3 wire loops attached to our belts. Once the braces have been attached and are comfortable for the wearer, they need never be removed from the tool belt.

The front chest strap can be unclipped for easy removal of your belt and braces combination.


Code: TMH

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Image of Buckaroo Shoulder Braces. Image of Buckaroo Shoulder Braces. Image of Buckaroo Shoulder Braces.
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