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PG Active Strength Heavy Duty Cleaner

Image of PG Active Strength Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Active Strength HD is an economical medium to heavy-duty cleaner for wash-up of tough industrial grease, oil, grime and dirt.  Ultra smooth polyethylene scrubbers help to lift embedded dirt and stubborn soil from the skin without irritation or abrasion.



  • Combines high cleaning strength without damaging the skin's natural balance
  • Ultra smooth polyethylene scrubbers
  • pH balanced to compliment the skin
  • Will not clog drains
  • Moisturises the skin as it cleans
  • Solvent free



  • Medium / heavy dirt
  • Grease and grime
  • Metallic dust
  • Oil

Code: 11957025

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Image of PG Active Strength Heavy Duty Cleaner.
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